Monday, October 7, 2013

a colorful home tour with Mary...

My sweet friend Mary was nice enough to let me snap some photos of her beautiful home a few weeks ago. She has put so much thought, time and COLOR into each and every room; it's simply amazing! She, and her husband Craig, have created such a fun space for their four children (and all the neighborhood kids who love to hang out at their play pad...I wonder why?! ha)

They've transformed one of the stair cases into a slide, created a "secret passage way" in one of their closets; added a swing right in the middle of their family room and made their dining room one huge, fantastic play area! I mean talk about thinking outside of the box.

One of my favorite things Mary has done throughout her home is added spritzes of color everywhere. From eclectic wallpaper in the most unexpected places, & cheery fabric for window painting her office chair neon green and reupholstering a love seat with geometric fabric using a hot glue gun!

She makes me feel like if I wanted to put a bath tub in my entry way, shoot, it would be ay-okay. It's quite refreshing to be in a home where you feel like anything is possible!

So, if you're scared to add a bit of color to your decor...just take a peek at these photos and you'll realize there is no need to be afraid!

Thanks Mary for letting me crash your casa for a bit :-).
family room
Cozy and I had a go on the swing for a bit (...just couldn't resist)
laundry room
play room (originally dining room)
craft room
man cave
a cheery closet and fun hallway nook
this is the love seat Mary reupholstered with hot glue!? It think the pup approves :-)
upstairs bonus room area
boy #1 room
 boy #2 room
 Mary said, "he chose the curtain fabric". I love that she let him choose it!
 the twins room
upstairs hallway:::art nook

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  1. Holy moley! I love everything about that house -- especially the craft room! Thanks for sharing :o)

  2. The house is so beautiful. That staircase is adorable!

  3. wow, that house is AMAZING!! love all the color and the SLIDE!

  4. A-mazed!! Like blown away! It's like a kid wonderland fun for all ages!! Totally inspired! When can I come over to play?!?

  5. that is absolutely one of the coolest most beautiful bright looking house I have ever seen!!! :)

  6. Well crap. Every detail is so well planned and perfect- <3 <3 <3

  7. Mary is a genius! I hope she does this for a living, becauase if not, she's crazy!

  8. aarean. These pics turned out so great and i will treasure them. You captured our life and made it look much cleaner than it is. :) thanks!

    1. Mary! I am head over heels in love with your powder room. Where did you find that wallpaper???

  9. Love everything about this house! So cheerful! Just wondering what the color names are in the kitchen, the turqoise and grey. And is the grey in the kitchen the same as in the hallways and family room? Great job, Mary! Very inspiring. :) Heather

  10. I would DEFINITELY live in this house. I loved absolutely everything in it!

  11. I'm a fellow colour lover so I really enjoyed this! That sewing room...drooling! All that natural light is one thing mine is sorely lacking in, though I'm also in SoCal!

  12. Any chance you could let us know the maker of the bird &cloud wall paper in the bathroom?

    1. I believe it's from anthropologie! Isn't it amazing!

    2. Leah, it's Julia Rothman for Hygge & West:

  13. What a fun house that would be to grow up in. A slide in the foyer, and a swing in the living room--what fun!!

  14. I feel bad but this is a cheery idea gone horribly wrong, very amateurish and bizarre in its execution. What a shame these germs of ideas weren't given over to a professional designer. It's just painful to look at this. Again, I'm sorry for the criticism but this is honestly awful.

    1. I think that it is great that Mary designed her house how she wanted it, and not how some dusty book says it should be. The house comes across as a playground and nurturing environment for her my opinion that is what a home is all about. Kudos to Mary for thinking outside the box. She is way ahead of her time!

    2. Dana, I totally agree...she did a beautiful job making her house a cheery and uplifting home.

  15. What a coincidence! I happened upon your blog and this post and as I was scrolling (and drooling), I stopped at the photo of the teepee and my jaw dropped. Mary has TWO of my friend, Rebecca Peragine's prints on her wall! The "Days are long" and USA travel map are from I work with Rebecca at her new studio, Kindred Work +Shop in Temecula, CA. :)

    1. its such a small world! I love those prints! I actually grew up in Murrieta (so right there by the studio!) I should come stop by the shop one of these days!

  16. Oh my goodness, what a stunning home and I want a swing now too:) Happy weekend. xo

  17. Wondering where the tent is from?

    1. She found it on there are a ton of little small businesses that sale them on that site!

  18. Wow..
    What a beautiful house. Very nice and warm.
    Please let me in, hehe..

    Music Tee

  19. I absolutely loving the place. Very colorful home you have. That looks really lovely. Well done, you did a wonderful job building a place like this! :)

  20. Any idea where the teepee is from? Been looking for one that size for my son's room!

    1. she got it on etsy...not sure which shop but there are a ton on etsy that sale cute teepees like this!

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  28. Hey! Love this house.... any idea the name of the paint color used for the bathroom mirror? The red/ orange one?

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