Thursday, October 10, 2013

FRIDAY COLOR LIST (and #FlashBackFriday)

 ^^^me (far right) and my four sisters...and my hot nerdy mama
We have been trying to figure out what to be this year for Halloween...nothin' is comin' to me. I stumbled upon these old photos of when i was little and just had to share. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, always has been. I mean when else can you dress up like Dorothy?!

I've got my ten year highschool reunion tonight...yikes I cannot believe it's been ten years! I feel like these photos were taken just yesterday (I know, cliche, but true dang it).

Anyway now that it's officially feeling like Fall I thought I'd share some good ole' Fall finds:

1. 33 beautiful abandoned places (this one has nothing to do with Fall, I just loved the photos)
2. Pretty Fall leaves
3. ho-hum-diggity YUMMM
4. make your place smell fallish with this
5. these boots were made for walkin'
6. confetti sweater, yes please

***on a side note...I got these play scarves from Simply Sweet Fabric a few weeks ago...and my girls LOVE playing with them. I mean who would have thought that a few colorful scarves would entertain kids for a long, long time?! Thanks again Shay!!!

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  1. Love this! I see a lot of Sage in you! I'm with you on the what to be for Halloween.. I have a three year who can't make up her mind!

  2. Ok that picture of you as Dorothy is freaking me out! Sage is your clone!!!!


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