Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter White Chocolate Popcorn

I know Easter has come and gone, but I needed to post this because everyone needs this in their life! It's simple, and delicious and I love the colors!

All you need is:
-popcorn kernels
-Ghirardelli white chocolate morsels
-1 TBS vegetable oil
-m&m's (in this case I got the Easter colored ones)
-a little salt to sprinkle at the end

directions: pop about six to seven cups of popcorn. set aside. melt your morsels over the stove on low and add vegetable oil to keep it from clumping. Stir consistently until it's all melted and then pour over your popcorn. Carefully toss it all together to make sure each one is coated with chocolate (because wouldn't that be a bummer to eat one that didn't have chocolate lol). Then add your m&m's (I used the whole bag) and lay on a cookie sheet with wax paper.  Before it hardens, make sure you sprinkle the top with a little sea salt to give it that "sweet and salty" thing that everyone loves...or is that just me?!

Once it's cooled and hardened, break it up and put it in a bowl for people to munch on. It was an Easter hit at my house!

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  1. It looks great! Thanks so much for sharing.


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