Friday, December 14, 2012

Orange you Glad it's Friday?!?!

Don't you love this idea? All you need is a few oranges (or lemons, or limes, or any citrus really) and some cloves. And, let me just say the smell is quite heavenly too! I am going to use it as a and pretty to look at :-).

Hope you all have a great weekend...any fun plans? I think we are going to head up and visit Santa (for the tenth time this month ;-/) Sage can't get enough of the jolly old man. However, there's no way she'll sit on his lap! She just likes to admire him from afar. Thats alright with me, if she keeps that mentality for the next fifteen years I'll be a happy mama. (just keeping away from boys in general haha)

Only 11 more days until Christmas. Yikes.

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2. Best Christmas movies hands down...
3. Top 75 photos of 2012 (woah!)
4. Did you ever put Christmas lights in your room?
5. Decorating ideas...

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