Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A morning with the Queen Bee

About two weeks ago I took the morning and went to the Queen Bee Market--a place where home vendors get together once a year to showcase their fantastically creative work! It was so much fun to see all the clever things people came up with...I most definitely was inspired! I have a tendancy to think "gosh, I could TOTALLY make that" and then I don't, and then I kick myself for not just buying it in the first place. :-)

So my big purchases consisted of a big bag of really neat buttons (which I have a very fun project in store!!!) a little bow tie for my nephew, and a rose clip for my baby girl.

Here are a few photos of things I really loved...

A little cupcake pin cushion. I don't sew very well, but I do love maybe this would motivate me?! ha
This dresser was one of those "I could totally do that!"...I am sure its harder then it looks.
These hats are so cute...perfect for a little girls birthday party (dually noted!)
Do any of you crochet? Is this not SO cute?! It wasn't for sale which I was sort of bummed about.
This was one of my favorite booths...this girl did so many creative things with ripped strips of material!

TOMORROW is DEC. 1ST...which means it's the first day of the
and boy, oh boy do I have lots of fun Christmas posts for you all!!! 
Tis the Season...and Oh how I love this season...

and if you haven't already...go enter the KATE SPADE GIVEAWAY!!!

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  1. Great place thanks for sharing! I adore your sister pic below! I feel bad for the girls that have no sisters....

  2. oh man I would love to go to that market!

  3. I love the mounted reindeer! Such a cute idea!

  4. So many pretty things! Those bracelts are just amazing :-)

  5. Beautiful things...oh my goodness. I would go crazy!

  6. oh my!
    what a cute store!

    i love the cupcakes !
    would be the perfect gift for my mommy!


  7. Wow, I really like those hats! How cute :) x

  8. I absolutely am loving your blog. It is just so adorable. Craft fairs/markets are simply my favorite and I too tend to say, "Oh I can totally make that!" New years resolution for self: actually do it!

    xo, Kelsey Belle

  9. thanks so much for featuring my lampshade and booth! your pictures were beautiful!

  10. Your blog is super cozy! Love it!

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