Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Hair Experiment...with some yellows and greens!

I saw this idea in some beauty magazine so I thought "hm...why not?!" It's a little messy...I would recommend mashing it until it's super smooth rather than leaving it chunky like I did. However, it left my hair feeling SO soft! I was honestly amazed...who would have thought that combing some delicious ingredients would leave your locks silky smooth?!

1 ripe banana
1 ripe avacado
a few TBS of olive oil
a drop or two of peppermint (I added this just to give it a nice smell)

And what a fun DIY gift for a friend...put a banana, an avocado, a little bottle of olive oil and peppermint in a small basket and attach the remedy with a tag. Give the gift of soft hair. haha. Hey, I'd love it!

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  1. I did a face mask with banana, yogurt, avocado and honey and it was super good. I may just try this treatment then this weekend!

  2. I am totally going to do this tomorrow! I have all the ingredients and an over ripe avocado to use, its perfect because I would hate to throw it away!

  3. Awesome! Might have to try this!

  4. I saw the same one in a magazine too. Parents I think. I am sure you are enjoying your silky smoothness:)

  5. I posted this recipe on my blog! Here's the link:

    <3 Melissa


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