Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Friday...woohoo wippidy wah!

I have gained a whole new appreciation for Fridays. It's the most anticipated day of the week for me, simply because for the next two days I have Josh home which means extra help with the kids and perhaps (just perhaps) a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning?!?! And that my friends, is what this weekend will consist of--oh and maybe I'll finish up a few DIY projects I've been itching to share with you! :-)

Here's a list just for your enjoyment! Happy Friday to you all...have a wonderful weekend--seriously!

1. A rainbow fish tail 
2. This Sundays treat (if I can muster up the energy that is)
3. Kinda creepy in an artsy wort of way!?
4. I'd love to run under this
5. So much you can do with a mason jar!
6. A home I wouldn't mind havin'
7. A place I wouldn't mind visitin'
8. pretty makeup tips
9. iphone covers that make my mouth water
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  1. Oh all so lovely. I want to make #2 sooo bad. YUM.

  2. ahhh baby pictures!! Such a cutie pie.

    <3 Melissa

  3. Adorable photos. Your children are beautiful.


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