Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Picking a palette for your artwork

I absolutely love this artwork by Yangyang Pan (titled:The Far Side)
The colors are just soothing to me. It almost reminds me of a field of wildflowers.
Someday, I want to design a room around this piece...

I found the best site that uploads any image/artwork/picture of your choice and then gives you a palette to work with! Isn't that just genius!? 
The site is called pictaculous...and the best thing is that it's so easy to navigate!

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I uploaded it and this is the palette it gave me. To be honest, I probably would have chosen to go with more purple then orange...but when it grouped these together I actually really, really liked it! Who would have thought? 
**oh and the other great can upload this palette on your phone so you have it on the go! Why didn't I think of this idea?!

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  1. what a great site. thank you for sharing. :)))

  2. Gorgeous painting and cool webiste!

  3. What a beautiful painting!

    Here is another color palette generator site, which I really like:

  4. I wouldn't have thought of that either!

  5. Oops, wrong link, sorry! Here is the correct url for Color Palette Generator:

  6. great paiting

  7. Fantastic painting and I really love the splashes of orange. Very clever website too.

    Kel x

  8. that's such a cool website!

  9. wow! great! thanks for sharing!!!!!
    your blog is seriously amazing!!!! i'd loved it if we followed each other!!!!!


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