Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Colorful DIY Accessory

When I was younger I LOVED making necklaces, bracelets, earrings...pretty much anything I could put beads on. I grew up in a home with four sisters (lots of estrogen ha) and jewelry making was always such a fun thing we could all do together...
So I decided to revert back to the good old days and make a double stranded necklace for one of my it an early Christmas gift :-). She is somewhat simple and so I figured greens, yellows and clears would be just the right trio!
First you need your beads. Make sure you lay them out so you can see what your working with; and so you can figure out the order of your stranding.
 You'll also need either clear string or I used soft flex wire...i feel like its sturdier...
Make sure you have your clasp and your wire clamps (not sure that's the technical term for these little things but its what I call them...they are the things you use on the end of your wire to attach it all together and keep it in place)
 Next you'll need your jewelry pliers to squeeze the clamps nice and tight...
Measure how long you want your necklace...for me I measured about 35" for the longer strand and 32" for the shorter strand. Then, take a clamp and loop the wire through...
 and squeeze the life out of it!
 Like this (sorry its blurry...taking a pic with one hand can get a bit shaky):
 Then attach the other strand like this:
 The the best part...creating your necklace! After they are all on, DON'T pick it up until you finish squeezing the clamps to the other ends of your wire...otherwise you'll find all your work on the floor (speaking from experience that is the worst thing ever!)
 And there ya have it...a nice accessory to add to the bunch :-)
**speaking of necklaces don't forget to enter THIS giveaway! :-)
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  1. This is so beautiful. I feel I've forgotten how much fun it is to make your own jewelry. Thanks for sharing!

  2. so beautiful. i really enjoying your post. you are very gifted :)))

  3. very pretty!! I always think of making necklaces but I never seem to get to it.

  4. Beautiful.
    I love it!

    When I was younger, I loved making my own jewerly, too. I should try again.

  5. Great job! I want to make one now!

    P.S. I like your DIY posts the best..:)

  6. Fun! I should haul out all my beads and get going again.

  7. I'm pretty positive that mine wouldn't even look HALF as good as yours! Haha!! : )

  8. Very pretty!

    On a cautionary note, please remember not to use wire if making necklaces for children. If they get it caught on something while playing, it doesn't break like thread and can cause injury!

  9. hey lisa! I agree, wire is not the smartest choice to use on jewelry for children. This was actually for one of my friends so thats why I figured it was alright to use the sturdy stuff :-)

  10. This is fantastic!

    My latest craft craze is making jewelry hangers, and it's so inexpensive and fun! I just get wooden boards from a craft shop ($1 - $1.50 each), spray paint them, collage something colorful and wonderful on them with postcards or whatever, mod-podge them so they are glossy, and then screw mug hooks in. They are an awesome gift and so delightful to make. I'll have to send you some photos!


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