Monday, November 14, 2011

My love affair with Joe...

Fifty five fantastic colorful Joe's huggin your buns...what more could a girl ask for?
This new thing with colorful pants is probably my favorite trend since scrunchy socks. What a great way to add color to your wardrobe!  
I mean look at all the options! You better believe these are on my Christmas list!
**aren't all these poses so great...I sat and looked at every single one trying to figure out what she was the third row in green pants, "super staaaaah!"

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  1. my goodness, these are FABULOUS!!! i wouldn't know what color to choose! (once i find $158, i guess i'll worry about that...) :)

  2. So fun and peppy:-) I just bought a pair of silver Joes at Nordstrom on the to-buy list is something colorful! Once I'm done being super preggo though:-) xoxo

  3. ugh I wish I could pull off colored pants!

  4. I know...$158 is hard to justify which is why I go to the nordy rack too!!! :-)
    And Debbie...YOU SO could pull it off! Just start with less bright, it will break you in! ha before you know it you'll be rockin' the mustard yellow!

  5. oh, this is just great! i love this picture! and the colors are great! thanks for adding this to my christmas list... santa and my husband won't be happy!

  6. These look so much fun, specially now for the holidays:)

    PS. They would make a great Christmas gift.


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