Friday, September 12, 2014

Wanna Hang Out?

As promised...I am posting about my all time favorite restaurant I have ever gone to while on vacation. I have to confess something...we (aka josh and I) base our vacays around the food. It's sort of the highlight of our get aways; and so a good find is the best thing ever!

Anyways, we went to this place with all of the family (cousins, in laws...the whole crew) called the Hangout. The food was good, but what was even better was the entertainment and the restaurant itself.

If you're looking for a quiet romantic dinner...DON'T go here. But if you're looking for a fun place to take kids this is the place. It has a huge sand mound for them to play on and the there's a DJ up in some box high above everyone who plays music and gets people on tables dancing and singing. Plus the decor is amazing...every wall I looked at had a collection of new things (ex: old school lunch boxes, pez dispensers, rubber duckies...)

One of Sage's favorite things was the wishing wall. You write your wish on a small piece of colorful paper, roll it up, and stick it in a hole on the wall. It got me thinking I wanted one of these in my house one day! :-)

 ^^^how Sage felt about the humidity...she is my child for sure ha^^^
 ^^^Sorry the photos for the wishing wall are so blurry...I was holding a baby and taking a picture at the same time...c'mon that's a good excuse right?!

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