Thursday, April 25, 2013


I feel like everything I want to post about is brown...from the birchbox  post,  to a little something I like to call biscoff-filled chocolate chip cookies.

Okay, back up. First off, have you ever tried biscoff spread? It's the European alternative to peanut butter, and boy they sure got it right with this stuff. Now, I don't want to be over dramatic here but people it's life changing. So life changing in fact, that I decided to add it to my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. All you do is take a ball of dough, flatten it a bit...add a little spoonful of this brown heavenly spread, and than close it back up for baking!

***oh and please do note: another key component is the sea salt. I got mine at a spice store and it added just the right touch of salty to the perfect sweet.***

Like I said, amazing.

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