Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blueberry Pickin'

Earlier this year we went and picked it only seemed fitting to go get our blueberry pickin' on as well! I met up with my sisters for a fun and quick (since it was so hot that it started to become uncomfortable rather than enjoyable) afternoon. I have never gone blueberry picking before, and to be honest they taste a million times better fresh off the bush than anything you can get in the store!  So, naturally I have come to the conclusion that I need a blueberry bush in my about convenient.

I love seeing my little ones experience things for the first time. Cozy ate her weight in blueberries and Sage was about done twenty minutes in due to the 95 degree a tip for anyone who wants to go picking...go early or later when the sun isn't blazing!

We got to touch little piglets snouts (Sage thought it was the funniest thing ever...) and check out a chicken coop... sometimes I kind of wish I lived on a farm for the mere fact of walking out your front door and having things right on hand. Maybe in my next life?!

Anyways, my sister Rachy snapped a few photos of us at the fields. I am going to miss having her around to capture moments like these that seem to fade away in our memory as time goes on. Thanks Rachy girl.

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