Thursday, May 15, 2014

the red San Diego sun...

This week has been a long and difficult one for many...with these terrible fires that are happening all over San Diego I have realized just how unprepared I am. The fire actually started just a few minutes away from my home and traveled down a canyon behind my house and up through a lot of dry brush and land.

Tuesday, I got an email that told me I needed to evacuate my home. I didn't pay much attention to it considering I felt like the fire was far enough away from me that I was safe. I told my sister in law that I had gotten an email and she said "Aarean, you need to leave!"

I suddenly realized that this was real. That I am not the exception to any rule and that if I was being told my the police and fire departments to evacuate...than I should swallow my pride and leave. Both my girls were napping...which is another reason why I felt like unless it was super necessary to evacuate than I wouldn't (what can I say I'm a nap time nazi). However, I listened and loaded them up in the car, along with my computer...and off I went.

While I was driving to a safe place (my brother and sister in laws) I thought about how devastating it would be to loose my home. My safe haven. The house we worked on from the ground up. So much love, time and devotion went in to this home that was now being left behind. I thought about all the things I could've grabbed, that I should've grabbed (journals, files, etc.) but left behind. I blame it on not being prepared, and being a bit panicked. Considering my husband has been out of town all week, the only thing I wanted was to get me and my children to a safe place.

Children were being evacuated from the elementary school right up my street...I could sense a bit of frantic and uneasiness in the faces of the parents and children; eventhough the fire was still a safe distance away.

I got to my sister in laws, and we sat and watched the news praying it would soon stop. I wasn't here for the fires back in 2007 which were way worse, and way more destructive. Homes were burnt to the ground, peoples lives were taken. It was awful.

Luckily no lives have been taken, but the fire is still going. It continues to climb and turn everything in it's path to ashes. How thankful I am for these fire fighters who work so hard, night and day, to keep this under control (as much as possible). And how especially thankful I am that we are safe, that my home is safe and that hopefully the worst part of this is behind us.

The sky above us here in del mar and carlsbad area has turned to grey and the sun is a deep, hazy orange red...

Here are few photos a few of my friends captured and share through their social media accounts
 (thanks Maren and Jos for letting me use these)
 ^^^from my backyard^^^
I guess when things like this happens it tends to kick me into gear...I was sent a list from our home teacher telling me this was what their family had ready in case of better believe I'm getting this stuff together for the next emergency!

72 hour kit
kids backpacks
fireproof safe with important documents
meds/first aid kit
important pictures/journals
sleeping bags
stove/tent/fuel (depending on circumstances)

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  1. All of you are in my prayers. This also reminds me that we should be prepared at my home for emergencies, like earthquakes (I'm in LA).

  2. That is so crazy it came that close to your house. I'll be praying for all of those affected in the fires, and I hope the worst is behind you guys! I live in Florida and they've been showing it on the news a lot but it just did not seem as real until I saw these pictures. I'm glad you and your family are safe!


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