Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Growth Chart

One of my friends has a wooden growth chart that someone made for her and I LOVE it...and than I was perusing Pottery Barn Kids catalog and saw these and thought to myself "I can totally do this myself..." So I did. However, I changed a few I put my numbers upright instead of sideways, but other than that it turned out pretty much how I imagined! I mean, there are a few mistakes here and there but it just gives it least that's what I keep telling myself!

Now I officially have a designated measurement spot...documenting my babies as they grow (which I really wish they wouldn't do so quickly). The best part is that if we ever move it can come along with us...unlike the wall in the garage (like the one we used as kids).

This literally took me 45 minutes to do! I got a 6 foot wood slab at Home Depot, and I used leftover stain that I already had from my ottoman, and painted the measurements on with white paint. I spent a totaly of $21 rather than buying the one at Pottery Barn for $89! 

I'm pretty positive this will be something I will cherish forever!
 ^^^ I tested out two different stains...and I decided to go with the lighter one called Early American by Midwax
^^^before and after^^^
 ^^^I used white paint and a tiny brush to fill in the measurement lines and numbers
^^^3 feet 3 inches...and I wish I could freeze her at this size forever^^^
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  1. I made one as well for my son, but he's not standing yet so I'm patiently waiting to use it :) and, I'm completely jealous you're wearing flip flops!

    1. oooh he will be standing and you will be measuring before you know it! And I am so sorry...I forget that people are in freezing weather right now...I really can't complain about the california weather during this time of year! ;-/


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