Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY wedding backdrop

When my littlest sister, Sadie, got married last October she wanted to have her reception in my parents backyard. She wanted to do the ring ceremony on their tennis court...and somehow magically transform the court into this gorgeous, romantic scene. Well, that's sort of difficult when the court is blue and green and there is a huge net on one end of it. So my oldest sister had a BRILLIANT idea on how to cover the net, and create a backdrop to where they would exchange rings.

It turned out even better than we all expected! I wish I could take credit for it, however, Whitney was the master mind on this project! Here's the how to:
-she bought about ten pairs of curtains from Ikea to cover the width of a basket ball court
-cut curtains into strips about 6" thick
-she sewed two strips together (short end) so it was long enough to reach from the top of the net to the bottom. Depending on how high your backdrop needs to be this might not be necessary.
-dye strips in a bucket of dye (each batch sat in the dye for about an hour or so)
-hang them to dry (note: they drip so make sure you hang them somewhere where dripping isn't an the grass) She took pvc pipe and made something to hang them on.
-She than took wood, placed it at the top of the net and draped the strips over it so they hung at different lengths. She stapled them in placed, and continued to layer the strips.
***the end.

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  1. I love Whitney in this post so much. I also love the amazing backdrop. You are amazing ladies. Nice work.


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