Thursday, February 27, 2014

baby girl shower for Megan...

I threw a shower for my sweet friend Megan. She's having a baby girl any day... is there really anything more exciting than having a new baby join the world! So naturally I went with PINK; nothing says GIRL more than PINK! I had a frozen yogurt machine set up, with a bunch of toppings (brownie chunks, sprinkles, blueberries, strawberries, granola,  chopped cinnamon graham crackers, hot fudge). I'd like to think it was a success...I mean how can you go wrong with all you can eat frozen yogurt and great company?!

I also had question cards that people could fill out (opted not to do games so this was a good alternative). Questions like, "what is your best mommy advice..." or "what is your most embarrassing labor story?" (c'mon we all have them!)... or "what is your favorite children's book/quote/saying and why..." My favorite one was, "when all else fails (regarding a bad day in motherhoodville) what do you do?" and someone wrote "I go to Wendy's drive thru, get a diet coke...and drive around in the car with a DVD on." haha Honesty. I love it.

The only thing I am so bummed about was that I didn't take any pictures when guests arrived. I got a cute one of Megan and her sis, but that's about it. Dang it. I guess next time, I should put someone in charge of pictures. on that note here's to baby season my friends! xoxo

***elephants & topping tribowls from Home Goods (a few elephants I found at antique stores)
***books from Barnes and Noble  
***the circled garlands I made using pink felt and I cut them out using a Sizzix, than my sewing savvy sissy sewed them 
       down the middle.
***frozen yogurt machine with frozen yogurt was from Golden Spoon
***party favors from Uncle Biffs (best cookies EVER)
^^^ sorry about the grainy was night time (I know, not the best time for pic taking)

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  1. Your decorating skills are ah-mazing. And your house looks soo soo great too!

  2. Uh your House tour?

  3. Planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law and I may have to use some of your ideas! Love the simplicity of the garland and balloons!


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