Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thought Dots

I love a good quote. If there was such a thing as a quote hoarder, I think I could quite possibly fit in that category. I'm just a sucker for good advice and memorable phrases.

A few weeks ago I thought of this idea, where I would cut out a circle from cardstock, and write a piece of advice (just a little something I have learned or heard throughout my life) and I would share it with random strangers. By sharing, I simply mean I would stick it in random places (carts, gas pumps, atm machines...) for people who passed by to stumble upon.

I am OBSESSED with sharing these, only because I am OBSESSED with how people react. It's always a confused look at first and than a smile, or a nod. Then they go on their merry way. I figured this season, why not share a piece of love. A happy thought. A joyful piece of advice that could make someones outlook on life a bit better.

So there you have it. It's simple and satisfying and I THINK YOU SHOULD DO IT! If you post on instagram make sure to use hashtag: #thoughtdot and that way we can all see one another's! :-)

***you can find more of my thought dot photos on my instagram @colorissue

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  1. uh, this is a great idea. I'm obsessed with quotes & bringing smiles to other people so this is perfect


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