Thursday, December 12, 2013

just a few of my favorite things...

Since it's cuttin' it close to Christmas...I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite holiday things!!! All of which I own (or have ordered) and LOVE!

1. Penh Lenh bracelets (the story behind the biz is quite amazing as well)
2. Sephora nail wand  (find coupons here)
3. chalkboard paper (you'll use this more than you mats, table runners, gift tags, wrapping etc.)
4. Tiny Prints Christmas cards...I love how ours turned out! (they're offering 25% off too!)
5. Rifle Paper tin floral recipe box (adore the vintage color palette) 
6. Flip Flop bracelets (yep, these are made out of recycled flip flops)

***and a HUGE congrats to winner Holli Lloyde for winning the Kate Spade giveaway!!!!! make sure to email me your address Holli! And thank you thank you to all who participated!!!
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