Monday, December 23, 2013

banana cream bites (this takes things to a whole new level...)

Alright all you banana/whip cream/colorful sprinkle fans out there...the other day I created something that takes eating bananas to a whole new level. My littles tend to be a bit picky when it comes to eating their fruits and veggies, so I have no choice but to get creative.

I had a few whip cream bottles left over from our hot chocolate bar and decided to put them to use. So, I sliced up a banana, squeezed a dab of cream and added a few sprinkles on top of each slice...and my girls when buck wild! No joke I had to slice two more bananas because they couldn't get enough.

It made me so happy to see them wide mouthed and bushy tailed over these ridiculously easy-to-make, potassium filled, treats! Oh, and I wont lie, I made a separate plate just for me...totally guilt free my friends.
...and now, the evidence of the full on devour sesh...
I apologize for the picture overload but the camera just had a mind of it's own!
 and than there was one...but not for long (bwahahaha)
Hope you have a very happy holiday...filled with lots of colorful things!
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  1. These look delicious...and super cute!
    And her face is amazing! Love her happiness :)


    1. she's got face expressions that kill me haha


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