Monday, January 6, 2014

San Francisco...

Starting a new year always gives me a bit of anxiety. There is so much hype and expectation...wouldn't you agree?! So this year, I have made one resolution and that is to SIMPLIFY. I will be posting a lot more about that in the coming week but until than I thought I'd share some photos of our short getaway to the golden city (or some call it baghdad by the bay, or frisco, or fog city...i mean the list goes on and on).

It was our seven year anniversary and we wanted to make it memorable (plus there was football game that the mister wanted to go to as well...funny how that worked out?!)  I fall more in love with this place each time I walk down it's streets...all things artsy fartsy with a spritz of organic city life. Oh, and don't get me started about the food; lets just say we might have based the majority of our stay around where we were going to eat?! :-)

My favorite things this time around were:
-going to the BYU game and seeing a bunch of old friends from our college days 
-the farmers market down by the warf is AMAZING (most of the pics Im sharing in this post are from there)
-loved watching people preform their talents on the side of the street, especially the Drum King
-Ghirardelli factory
-Lombard Street on Russian Hill 
-the gorgeous and intricate gingerbread castle at the Westin St. Francis hotel
-spending the afternoon with my sisters, niece and nephews

okay now lets talk food, since we were only there for 2 1/2 days we didn't get to hit all the places we wanted but our favorites were:
***breakfast: Dotties and Sears
***lunch: Botts
***Dinner: Hillstone and actually the cafe in Neiman Marcus was really good
***treats: Swensens Icecream and the farmers market has phenomenal tasty things galore 

Places we heard were really good but never got around to trying them:
***breakfast: Zazies and Plow
***lunch/dinner: Tonga Room, Boulevard, State Bird Provisions, McCormick & Kuleto, Frascatis (the pork chops are supposedly amazin'!)
***treats: Icecream bar for great sodas (thanks Rachel for that one!)  and Twirl & Dip for delicious homemade waffle cones and soft serve
^^^ our flight was delayed, so I went and got a bag of candy that cost waaaay more than it should've...
Josh wasn't too amused haha. Airports are such a rip off.
 ^^^ 1 1/2 hour wait for Dotties but totally worth it
^^^ this is all made out of sugar, graham crackers and frosting...the detail was jaw dropping
^^^ I kind of want a kitchen with green cupboards after seeing this little boutique
^^^ wreaths made out of tiffany&co. boxes... love it!

I couldn't get enough of this guy, I could've stayed and watched him for hours!!! 
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  1. Your trip looks amazing! We used to live 45 min outside the city and I miss out so much! We'd go down to hang out as much as we could! Love your yearly goal...simplify is perfection! Have a great day!

  2. Looks like you had such an amazing time on this trip! Those macaroons looks so yummy


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