Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 day countdown garland (thanks to my sis)...

My sister made these adorable countdown garlands. They were super duper easy and super duper cute... it got us all pretty excited for Christmas around these parts!

Every day you flip one of the tags over and on the back is something to do as a family that is based around Christmas. (ex: tell the nativity story, read the night before christmas, read the birth of Jesus, make gingerbread houses, etc.)

All you need is:
-- tags
-- yarn
-- tiny clips to clip them onto the string
-- if you want them to look like these, my sis used stamps for the numbers

***all things were bought at Hobby Lobby (but you can also find these items and any craft store)
little miss doin' a happy jig
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  1. The garland looks so cute! What an adorable idea

  2. Aww..what a sweet idea:) I adore it and it looks beautiful. Happy December. xoxo


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