Thursday, October 24, 2013

we went to the museum...

Yesterday, we ventured to the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum with some friends...they had tons to do for our littles and so many colors everywhere! It's always neat to watch your kids learn and discover new things. My three year old even learned how to use a microscope! I don't think I knew how to do that until I was like twelve. Okay, maybe not that old but still. :-)

I decided to bring my big camera which I never do anymore (I only dropped it twice this time...go me). The iphone is just SO much more convenient, but the Rebel never disappoints when it comes to a clearer image.

I captured a few clever, colorful little things that you could even do in your own home! (ex: put handkerchiefs on top of a fan and watch them fly up a tube...entertainment at it's finest!)

***did you  know that kids are free in almost all of the San Diego museums during the month of October?! See which ones here***

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  1. That place is on my bucket list! Now I really want to go!!! Looks fun!


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