Monday, October 21, 2013

A shower for the little sis

A couple weeks ago, I threw a bridal shower for my baby sister Sadie. Well, she isn't so much a baby anymore but she is the youngest of us five girls.

Her colors were very fallish, with sort of an eclectic feel. I actually got the flowers from Costco and just separated the bouquets into different mason jars. We had a lot of desserts, from cheesecake and carmel yellow bundt cake with strawberries and whip cream. Oh, and of course pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which happen to be my new favorite things EVER (it's kind of out of control, this new love I have for pumpkin anything...)

We played a "he said, she said" game, chatted, ate, chatted some more...and than called it a night.

It was such a fun time, showering little Sadie with bridal bliss. Actually, the wedding was just this last many more pics to come!!!!
^^^ I put an index card in with the invite for people to write down their favorite recipe and bring it to the shower to give to she could add it to her recipe box :-)
^^^ have you tried these caramel apple milky ways?! Ummm, they're pretty darn delicious! 
***good thing they're seasonal
^^^ Sadie is OBSESSED with I figured these napkins were a MUST
^^^cake stands I got at World Market
 ^^^ No, these are not garbonzo beans...they're actually little carmel that we melted for carmel apples
^^^me with two of my four hermanas (rachael in the middle...and the bride to be on the right)
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  1. I love the idea of the he said/she said game (I pinned it for future reference) :-) What a beautiful shower!! Congratulations to Sadie!

    1. Girl, you are one talented Mama! I want all those cake stands right now--Give them to me!!! I've wanted to make cake stands and plate chargers like those for a while...guess I need to find a tree and kill it :) Congrats to your sista!

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