Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't sweat the small stuff (perhaps easier said than done?!)

This whole mom gig sure does have it's ups and downs. The other day I walked in on my almost three year old sitting on my NEW ottoman; RED nail polish in hand just painting away! You could have imagined the horror that struck my core just waiting to see splotches of red all over my oh so pretty tufted piece of furniture!

She looked up at me, her face beaming, and exclaimed "mom, look I did it ALLLLL by myself!" In sheer amazement, I saw that not only did she really do it all by herself; but she also managed to keep from spilling a drop! I may or may not have had to pick my jaw up off the floor!

In my slightly micromanaging ways I wanted to take it all off and repaint her nails so it didn't look like she had dipped each fingertip in the bottle. Than it hit me, "why do I care if her polish is on every inch of her fingertip? She is so proud of her accomplishment...who am I to take away that moment?!"

You guys, this last week I have had many ah-ha moments like this. Moments of clarity, moments of gratitude in little tiny daily routinely stuff. Moments of reflection and contemplation. I can honestly truly say these last couple weeks, my outlook on life has changed. I guess people call that a change of perspective?! :-)

You see, I am that person who tends to (even though I try hard not to) get a little verklempt over the small stuff . Ya know, the small stuff like how the toilet paper is placed, or potty mishaps, dusty dressers, unfolded clothes, emails that need to be read and replied to, projects that need to be finished...oh and a  toddler who never lets me brush her hair.

You know that idiom "don't make a mountain out of a molehill" or as my grandpa so eloquently use to say "life's to damn short to fret about pit stains".

As my girls seem to change with each passing day I am finding just how true this statement is! For my kids, I want to be that mom that they admire and love to be with. The one who brings them joy; and one who they can trust, and relate to. I can't be that mom if I sweat the small touche grandpa, touche.

"Mothers have these small miracles in their lives every day. They are our children. And the time to enjoy them is right now." 
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  1. I would have died too, don't worry!
    And that's adorable that she tried to paint her nails by herself.
    I'm sure I gave my mom moments like that, as well, aha.

    I'm glad you've been figuring things have I.

    I just started my first day of college majoring in Visual Communications at sixteen years old..there was a ton of things that happened today, where I had to take a deep breath and accept it.

    Feel free to read about it here!

    Have a great night!
    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. I love this Aarean. Thanks for the insight. I need to remember this too.

  3. I was that kid once, but I wasn't as clean as your daughter! I remember feeling soo guilty but my mom was as calm as could be. A good sign of a great mommy. :)


  4. I needed this. I love you and your prefect insight:)

  5. I needed this today! Thank you for sharing.


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