Monday, August 19, 2013

Calling all favorite on-the-go games

Happy Monday to you! Holy smokes, forgive my absence, last week was jam-packed. My husbands family came into town and we had a big hoopla. Sage was in cousin heaven and I'm pretty sure we all got enough Vitamin D to last us the rest of the year.

Josh's family is super into games, which can go from super fun to super competitive where people are clawing each others eyeballs out. (slight over exaggeration, but honestly, there's some competitive blood running through their veins--but don't worry I totally smoked them at SCUM).

Anyways, I went over to my favorite toy store Geppetos to scout out some favorite on-the-go games for everyone (especially the kids) to play! We rallied up a few winners...

4. Spot it (travel game)
12. same as #3 (woops that was my graphic error ha)

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