Monday, April 15, 2013

National Painting Week...

Hey, did you know that this week is National Painting week? Either did I, until I was contacted by Sherwin Williams about it. What a great way to kick off some new paint colors...and ways to incorporate color into your home!

I am actually in the middle of trying to figure out what color I want to paint my entire house, and it's kind of, sort of overwhelming! I was reading this National Color Survey and it was quite interesting, and helpful. Since you know, I say I want my walls to be 'grey'...and well there are about fifty thousand shades of grey! ha

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  1. I wish I didn't live in an apt so that I could add color to my walls! Till then I'll keep doing it with my furniture I guess!

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  2. Let us know what you decide to do for your house! I love seeing purples in houses. What a fun post :)

  3. Not sure what shade of gray (man, even typing that seems wrong! ha) you want in your house, but I used Aloof Gray (SW?) in my boy's room and it was perfect. Its a very light gray with no real undertones...but of course, every paint looks different in different places so that may not help you at all! :)

    1. thank you Ashley! That is good to know...I feel like all grays have a tint of blue or green or purple and I just want a very neutral one! Thanks for the input, I will for sure check this color out!


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