Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the color pink...& everything sweet

Last Sunday my parents and sister came up for dinner. Not only do I love them to bits and pieces, but so do my girls, which makes it even more sweet! I especially love when Rachy comes up because she always captures beautiful moments of my littles, and I couldn't ask for anything better than that!

We have this beautiful field of pink wild flowers over by my house, and so we thought it would be a great spot to do a little impromptu photo shoot!

She sent these to my email; my heart melted and my eyes swelled a little more with each picture I pulled up. These girls are my world. They are the most precious things to me. Eventhough motherhood can be so very hard, it can also be so very wonderful! Thank heavens for these two babies of mine. Thank heavens.

:::see more of Rachael's work here:::

 :::givin' grammy a smooch:::

clearly I wasn't meant to be in the photo shoot (with my gray flannel shirt and all)...
however I can never pass up taking a pic with Cozy!

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  1. I need hair like yours. All of you Clegg girls have the best hair.

    1. oh shayna you're nice to say that...considering it was turning into a head full of frizz! p.s. if only I could have eyes like yours...than nobody would notice my frizz ball!

  2. Your hair. I'll fight you for it.

    ...and the cutest little girls you ever did see. I know it's wrong to be this jealous but I can't help it. They're the sweetest.

  3. Such darling photos of your girls! Love the sweet pink in the springtime. And I have to agree about your hair...!


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