Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Friday to You

I love that the weekend is soon at hand. My little Sagey girl is turning TWO on Monday and so this weekend we are going to have a little bday party with family. I can't even believe it...I have a two year old?! And tomorrow is OH YEAH the Color Run...I'm pretty excited about it. TWo of my sisters and my mom are comin to join in the colorful festivities! I'll just have to remember to keep my mouth closed so that I don't have hot pink teeth by the end of it! ha Than, Sunday we are blessing baby it's going to be a very wonderful weekend indeed (at least I hope?!).

HOpe you're weekend is full of wonderful things!

1. Some great quotes in a colorful presentation
2. A dream tree house
3. Italian sodas anyone?
4. Potato with a twist...oh yum
5. Bedazzle your hair
6. Talk about a statement necklace...
7. and top it off with a statement clutch (hope you like jewels)
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  1. Adorable pictures! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  2. So adorable!! Love all the stripes!


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