Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A circus on your fingertips...

For some, this design might be a little much (to be honest I am more of a one color kind of gal) but I thought I'd step out of my box a bit and do something funky and different! The best part about this is that every nail is it's like you get a blank canvas ten times (ya know since you have ten finger nails?!? ha). 

The key to these is layering...using different colors on top of one another. There really is no rhyme or reason--it's kind of fun having a circus on your fingertips...everytime I look down at my nails I smile :-). Try it!
 add half of a stripe here and there, which I did over the white...

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  1. Wow! So bright and colourful. Good for cheering up a dreary fall day. :)


  2. Oh! This is so fun! Love all the colors!

  3. Painting your nails is lots of fun.

    I waited in line with my hubby and daughter for the opening of ULTA in Logan, UT last weekend in hopes of winning gift cards. WE did. Then I spent that and more on nail polish. I have always wanted some OPI and my hubby bought me 4 colors. Oh the joy!!!! My favorite color name? 'Vampsterdam'.


  4. So cute! Looks time consuming...but some days I have nothing better to do than paint my nails. I'll have to try a design like this sometime :)


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