Monday, August 6, 2012

The Colors of Rome...

Oh, it's a bittersweet post my friends! Rome was the last place we visited during our two week travels to Europe back in April. It's true...we saved the best for last! So after this post, I guess I'll just have to go on another vacation to share more travel pictures :-). haha.

My favorite things about Rome:
- Meeting up with my sisters (it was the perfect ending to our vacation!)
- The Vatican (there are no could spend days looking at everything!)
- Gelato (if you're ever in the area Old Bridge Gelataria is where you should go--it's right by the vatican and the line was crazy long but if you're pregnant they'll let you go to the front *wink wink)
- Trevi Fountain (eventhough there were tons of people and it was hard to get a good picture...)
- Just walking around Rome was amazing. I just wish it hadn't been so hot...oh my it was blistering.
- Mozzarella di Bufala (this cheese was out of this world...we'd just eat it like an apple as you can see in the photo(s) below ha)
- Visiting the grounds of the future Rome LDS Temple
- The architecture, and the history--nothing beats Rome, Italy.

I will say that by the end of our two days in Rome, I was ready to go home. We were simply exhausted (in the best way possible) and we were ready to see our little girl, sleep in our own bed, take a nice bath and not have to pay for drinking water or using public bathrooms. Oh Europe, until we meet again...
Let's just say this handsome husband of mine is not a huge museum lover...even if it was the Vatican!?!
We visited a family that Josh knew while serving there, where he cooked us a delicious five course meal. I had to laugh because my sisters came along and they thought the first course (spaghetti) was our dinner. Nope, we still had four other courses after that. I thought they were going to die!
below: Pretty excited to taste "THE" cheese...
Below left:  - Paige was willing to give a smooch for a free picture with a "Roman Soldier"--blah.
                    - Josh and I in front of the spanish steps
The future Rome LDS Temple...just in it's beginning stages :-)

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  1. love these photos and I love that maxi dress! where is it from?

    1. I got it at BP in Nordstrom :-) It's super super comfy and stretchy--which is what I needed for my growin' belly!

    I just feel like I went to Rome and back for a second, there...
    looks like you had a great time.
    I love Italy!

    but indeed, one of the best parts of going away on vacation, is coming back home!


  3. These are beautiful photos. I can't wait to visit there!

    Amanda Rose

  4. You have such a cute family :) And I love love LOVE that pic of the temple!

  5. Such cute pictures, and the Roman soldier is hilarious! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Et tu, tutu?

  6. You're just the cutest little pregnant lady! These photos are so awesome! Makes me want to fly back to today! Looks like you all had a great trip!


  7. These are gorgeous photos! Rome looks amazing. You have a gorgeous family.

  8. you are all so nice...honestly :-) makes my day!

  9. Those are some stunning photos! Love it!


  11. You can just see how tired I was in these pictures haha. Even though we walked around a ton, I was so bloated from the never-ending supply of carbs! So fun, and so exhausting haha

  12. Rome was probably my favorite, too! :)


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