Friday, August 3, 2012

Fabulous Friday Color List...

The other night, I was finishing up some design stuff on my computer...and I could hear a tiny voice behind me jabbering away as she scribbled on the chalk wall. 20 months is by far one of my favorite ages because she is starting to talk sentences. The other day she said "oh that is wonderful..." I just stared at her in amazement...wonderful?!?! Oh, it still makes me laugh when I think about it. I really just love every little piece of her. As my belly gets larger and I become more anxious to get this pregnancy over with--a part of me just wishes I could freeze time. So with that said, this weekend really  soak up the time with those you love most, it really goes by to quickly! <3

1. Snapped a pic of a great colorful quote while shopping around
2. Someone please bake me this cake--I'll even share a slice with you!
3. Now this is a fantastic statement necklace
4. Need some photoshop tips?
5. Vinyl tape is cool...
8. Got some extra time? Paint your nails like this!
9. Hey look, we're on the Cheerios Facebook Page
10. I gave in and started an instagram...and I love it! Come Follow along @ aareanj

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  1. oh how adorable! and yum that cake looks delicious!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. I can only imagine tripping up those stairs every time because I would be so fascinated by them. Also, I REALLY want to try those nails! I don't have any rubbing alcohol, though. Just....well, vodka. haha

    1. hey vodka might work?! worth givin' it a try?! lol

  3. So cute and lovely, enjoy your day with your lovely family! x

  4. Such cute Mommy daughter memories... caught in photos!
    They warmed my heart and made me smile.


  5. SO CUTE!

  6. Cute pictures!!!

  7. I want number 3! WHY is it almost $50?!? :(

  8. I loooove the gif of you and your daughter, soooo cute! I looove that you guys painted chalk wall for your adorable daughter! AWESOME PARENTING! ;D lol

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  10. You'll be addictated to instagram in no time!

    Amanda Rose

    1. oh I already am Amanda! ha I guess there could be worse things right? :-)


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