Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shining Some Light...

This last week we got ceiling lights/fans put into our upstairs bedrooms. Who would have thought such a thing would make me so over the moon happy?! I never realized how much of a difference ceiling lights can make in any room! Don't get me wrong, I love lamps; but there is just something about ceiling lights that make any space feel so much...well brighter! Trying to figure out which ones to get was practically impossible (remember--I'm super indecisive about these sort of things?!) And for some reason I was always drawn to the crystal chandelier ones, which are way to fancy for my upstairs ha. 

I mean, look at these beauties from Mail Order Lamps--how could you not be drawn to them?! Who knows maybe someday, for my future bathroom or office, I'll splurge on crystal adorned lighting! :-)
all lights from Mail Order Lighting

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  1. My head hurts from trying to pick just one that I love!

  2. Light fixtures with crystals are always beautiful & they provide the prettiest lighting. So many pretty ones to choose from! wow!

  3. I love all of these! We're looking for a pretty light fixture to go into our dining room.

  4. These are very pretty and I bet they are expensive too. For now, I have to make do with what I have and try to edit the look of my LED lamps to fit my home and office.

  5. Excellent and very exciting site. Love to watch. Keep Rocking.


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