Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Color List (and a few maternity shots)...

dress (got a while ago):Forever21,  floral shirt:Anthropologie,  wedges:Kohl's,  little S's dress:DPAM
Happy Friday my friends! I thought I'd share some of the maternity shots Rachael took last week (you can view more here). I will be the first to admit that maternity shots just aren't my favorite thing (I find it kind of difficult to look natural while holding my belly so un-naturally...ya know what I mean?!). I told my mom I wasn't sure I was going to have maternity shots taken this time around; to which she replied "well wouldn't you have liked to see me when I was pregnant with you?" That really resonated with me. So I decided what the heck bring on the belly shots (at least for posterity sake *wink)
***I'm sure a lot of you would have had a good laugh watching me trudge through those wet strawberry fields in those wedges--didn't think that one through to well ha***

Lastly, here are a few fun colorful finds I thought you might enjoy:

1. mango pico de gallo...oh yum!
3. just a pretty picture
4. very "chipper" indeed
5. colorful chevron--love it
6. feather tutorial in color
7. eat 'em while you watch 'em
8. can't help but smile while watching this

CONGRATS to the WINNER OF THE CHLOE+ISABEL giveaway (thanks to

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  1. You look fantastic in your "belly shots"! Congrats! :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful! As always, I love the colour!

    Btw, the handmade arrows are such a neat idea! Thanks for sharing!


  3. You look really beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day and weekend!

  4. These are great shots! Love the colors, as always :)

  5. Where did you get this dress? Love it!

    1. I got it a while back at Forever 21! It's a great maternity dress...great for the growing belly ha

  6. You're the cutest. Don't you feel like some people just naturally hold their stomach like that anytime a picture is taken while they're pregnant??

  7. such beautiful photos! you look stunning!

    <3 Melissa

  8. I've made mango salsa before good! I think maternity pictures are the best. Way to strut your stuff!

  9. That's exactly why I take maternity pics. I think "I would have loved to see my mom pregnant with me" I did them with both kiddos. Although, I Wish I looked half as good as you do preggers!! So not fair!!!

  10. you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!

  11. You are so beautiful! What great pics. :)


  12. These photos are beautiful.Congratulations on your new addition!

  13. You are so gorgeous. What beautiful photos! And your little girl is the cutest ever.

  14. Gorgeous shots, just beautiful!

  15. You look amazing! I agree...your little one will live that you took these!

  16. Very Colorful and beautiful pics.Little girl is so cute and also you :):) This blog really makes me very happy ..

  17. OH MY GOSH! I never win anything!!!! Honestly, I haven't been on my blog for a few days due to a sick baby, so thank you for alerting me on my blog! I am sooo excited!

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