Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our New Lil' Pup

He's green, white and black. He's spotted. He doesn't poop. He doesn't eat. He doesn't bark. He goes wherever you want him to go--his name is Kiwi and he is the newest addition to our family. I just might add that he could quite possibly be the perfect dog! However, slowly he is deflating which makes me a bit sad because he (no joke) has made my little S the happiest kid on the block. I am just about 100% positive that she thinks he is the real deal! Grandma gave in and bought it for her while we were at the mall to keep her occupied, and since then (it's been about a week now) we bring Kiwi pretty much everywhere. This is actually embarrassing to admit but I'm going to anyway...we brought him into B.J's with us for dinner because she about died when I told her we were leaving him in the car. There he sat in the booth with, Josh, Sage and a hovering balloon animal. Kiwi is pretty neat though, he never floats very high which makes it look like he's simply walking along side of you.

Anyways, just had to share (for memory sake) about our pup who soon will be going in the trash :-(.
Other happenings...I am going a little nuts over here getting everything ready for baby #2. This is what the nursery looks like as of right now **sigh. And yes my friends this is my rocking chair that i got for $29 bucks! I am going to repaint and re-cushion it to a new and improved beautified rocker! Hopefully it turns out the way I imagine...if least it was only $29 bucks right?!?! This thing is solid wood and rocks like a charm, so I couldn't help but buy it. Oh what did I get myself into?!
oh, and fyi...last day to enter THIS GIVEAWAY!!!
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  1. You can do it! I made a slipcover for my nursery chair at 8 months pregnant and wondered the same thing. "Why am I doing this?" but now I'm so glad I did! Can't wait to see how it looks when you're all done!

  2. That is adorable!

  3. Your little girl has the sweetest face... such delicate features. Precious!
    Her pup is cute too! Oh and your DIY project/find... excellent. I am sure it will be perfect.


  4. My kids are obsessed with those balloon pets. They hardest part is when they deflate. :( Too bad they can't last forever.

  5. Oh what a cute little pup! And I can't wait to see the rocking chair when it's done.

  6. I can't wait to see the D.I.Y.

  7. what a sweet story! you'll love telling her about it when shes older :)

  8. haha i love that kiwi lasted that long! cant wait to see your rocking chair complete


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