Friday, May 25, 2012

CANDY WEEK Part 5: Friday Candy Color List

photo found here
Well, my friends candy week has come to an end...and I am actually quite sad about it. Don't get me wrong, I'll be posting plenty more things about candy but not as consecutively :-). It's been a tasty touch to my week I guess, so I hope it was the same for you! I figured to finish it off with a bang...what better way than to share some of my favorite candy finds!

1. One of my favorite candy sites
2. Now this I have to do for the holidays!
3. My favorite thing to pop in my mouth when we were in Zurich...
4. Voted best candy apple recipe...surely on my "to make list"
5. Oh Fiona please open a shop near me...please!
6. Check out the worlds best candy stores, are any near you?
7. Serious eye candy
8. Some sweet buffets for your special day
9. Lastly, my little S...with double the trouble :-)

Have a terrifically SWEET weekend and happy happy Memorial Weekend to you---

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  1. I just have to say - I'm loving this series you're doing!

  2. mmmm. Those candy apples look so yummy. I may have to try and make them :)

  3. candy tables are the best! I love seeing them at parties!


  4. Oh my gosh...I just went back through all of your candy posts. What a fun theme. Love all of the colors.

  5. Fabulous theme and colors. So perfect. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Hi Aarean, I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. Your posts are so gorgeous, I want to pin everything! I especially love the skittle squishers, what a fun idea I bet my daughter will love it too.

  7. What a pretty candy display!! Thanks for sharing all of the links to some amazing treats :)

  8. oh my heavens, this is magical! Those candy apples look so good! I will have to try them!


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