Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CANDY WEEK Part 3: Filling Your Candy Jar

For my wedding I had this wonderful candy bar...with about a dozen glass jars full of my favorite sweets and treats. My ever so lovely wedding planner (aka: mom) let me keep some of the jars which I LOVE using for holidays and what not. But mostly I love using them to fill with, yep, candy! :-) However, it gets kind of expensive when you have these big jars that take about five bags of candy to fill. So I thought of a way to get around having to buy all those bags, and still have the jar look "full" :-) Plus, I really don't need a jar with five bags of M&M's inside...that is just an equation for disaster! ha
Now, sit in smack dab in the middle...and than...
pour the candy right around the tube...and there ya have it! 
Hey, what they don't know wont hurt 'em :-)
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  1. Genius!! I LOVE big candy jars too for some reason! Maybe it's because I'm a sugar addict haha, yay thanks for sharing this!! :]

  2. What a fun trick! I am so trying this!

  3. Oh I had never thought of that, how cool!

  4. wow, what a great idea! I made a candy jar gift one time and had to make three different trips to buy more candy! I was amazed at how much it holds!

  5. Too clever! I've just kept adding and adding. Now I know much better C:

  6. What an awesome idea, and I just LOVE your blog. I did try to comment back, and it's not working. =/ Do you have your e-mail set up??


    1. I just set it up...gos where have I been?! lol

  7. Love, love, love this idea! So pretty!

  8. What a cute idea!!!

  9. Lol this is brilliant!!!

  10. wow! I've never thought of that. Thanks! :)


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