Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Candy Week Part 2: Bubblegum-holic

One year for Easter, when Josh and I were dating, he gave me a whole basket chalk FULL of every bubblegum you could imagine! That was the moment I knew he was the man for me haha. I even take pictures with bubblegum machines, how much more ridiculous can I be? (actually my sister told me to stand by it to snap a pic, but still...)
When I saw this party idea from Kara, I about died. A full blown bubblegum what could be better?! It's colorful, delicious and who knew you could do so many things with it!
See more inspiring photos HERE
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  1. such a fun idea and great colour scheme to boot :D

  2. Oh wow! Those cake pops are literally works of art! Love this week.

  3. The whole party is to die for!! How cute!


  4. I love the look and colors of gumballs, but to be honest, they only last about a minute in my mouth until I swallow it b/c either it's too hard, or it has no flavor. I know... gross LOL


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