Monday, May 21, 2012


Today here on Color Issue, I am kickin' off my CANDY WEEK! Why you ask? Because what's more colorful than candy?!? If you could open any kind of shop, what kind would it be? I always ask this to people...probably because one of my dreams is to open my very own, ridiculously adorable 1950's style candy shop. I'd have an ice cream soda bar and every lollipop and taffy you could imagine! I LOVE candy, it's been a curse since I was a tiny little tike! I love the taste of it *wink, I love all the colors and shapes. I love the ambiance of a candy store; I love how when you walk into one you suddenly become happy! So I decided to dedicate this week to everything CANDY-fied.

When I was in 2nd grade, my best friend Zhina showed me how she ate skittles. She would layer one on top of the other until it became this big skittle looking firework. To this day, I find myself eating them like this! I guess sometimes popping a yellow and red in your mouth at the same time just isn't as satisfying as squishing them together first! :-)

Oh, please tell me the "special" ways you eat certain things...I would just love to know I'm not alone in this! haha
first ya take the skittle and you squish it, ya squish, ya squish it, squish it, squish it! :-)

 and ya can't keep my little S from them either...**sigh I can't blame her :-)

Today I was invited to share how I add color to my world for Adventures in Dinner's five party ideas in 30 minutes!
So grab a button and check it out! And if you have any GREAT ideas on how to add color to your world...simply add your link below!!!

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  1. You know, I have never done this before but I feel like I'm missing out!
    When I do eat skittles though, I have to save the red and purple for last, since those are the best colors ;)

  2. This is so funny (and slightly gross too!!), I don't think I have any peculiar eating habits....I'm not wondering if that means I'm quite boring :o) xx

  3. oh my god this is ridiculously cute.

  4. that's awesome! will be trying this at home later :) i tend to eat skittles & m&ms by color but this is much prettier.

  5. Oops! I ignored the 30-minutes requirement! My links took more than 30-minutes for sure (in fact, my son's room took 6+ months not due to difficulty level but due to ... um ... me!).

    And I'm trying to think of some of my weird food eating habits and suddenly my mind is a blank slate ...



  6. Does anyone else eat Mike&Ikes by squishing them on the ends to make little disks? Kind of like squishing skittles!

  7. It's amazing how much they spread out. Crazy! As a kid I used to squish the skittles before I ate them. This would be a fun project. :)


  8. Oh, I so agree with loving colorful candy & daydreaming about vintage candyshops [Willy Wonka, anyone?] :) That's why one of my favorite kid board games is CANDYLAND! It's so colorful & fun! My in-laws are even throwing me a "Candyland-themed" baby shower next month :) So awesome! I love that you promote color & happiness & anything positive. It's good to have people like you in the world :)

  9. So adorable! I love Skittles! Especially the PURPLE!

  10. Did you teach me that when I was really little? Because I do that sometimes too haha

  11. I must have had the most deprived childhood, I've never seen this before. LOVE it! Thanks so much for the gorgeous project.


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