Friday, March 23, 2012

Color List...

Last night, I went through all of my photos on my computer (tryin' to get a little more organized over here--key word trying ha) and I came across one of my favorite photos of Josh and I. It was taken about 20 seconds after he proposed--oh boy was I one happy girl! It's most definitely a "make my eyes sing" type of photo simply because it captured such a great moment so perfectly. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...and if you don't have big plans, take some time to go down memory lane and sift through all your photos--it's bound to bring back some great memories! :-)

Here are some fun colorful finds that I thought I'd share with y'all...

2. The most beautiful rug I've ever seen
4. Slip in bed with a piece of art :-)
6. Psychology of color...very interesting indeed
7. Marta Penter has got some skills
8. Standing on a ladder (literally!)
9. I really need to get out more--like to these places

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  1. Heres an understatement: you look happy. :) I love seeing candids like this.

  2. So precious it is a perfect picture of you two! You're definitely a picture perfect couple :)

  3. This picture is one to treasure for a lifetime, for sure. I love.


  4. Darling list! I love the picture! xo, rv

  5. That's so funny because I literally did the SAME thing like two days with al the pictures on my FB and my computer. It's always fun to do that. You realize just how fast time really does go by.

  6. Oh my, I want those sheets!! They're amazing. Perfect for summer time, because its sooo hot in Texas we never use the comforter. :) And Marta Penter... amazing.

  7. I always enjoy your links. And that picture of you and your hubby is precious.

  8. This was a great list! So many wonderful things to see!

    Et tu, tutu?

  9. Your man is Cute!

    A lovely list of links today. I especially love the paintings, psychology of colour and the make-up link.

    Thank you very much.

  10. What a great picture! Looks like your engagement took place somewhere beautiful! So happy for you two.


  11. That photo is sooo cute. Love it.


  12. That was one genuine laughter. =)

  13. This is the sweetest picture! You're clearly happy, but what really gets me is the expression on his face. It's so full of pride and expectation. You can really see that he's just gazing into the future. Just lovely, you're obviously a lucky girl. :)

    1. And lol, he's lucky too. I meant that to go without saying, but there you go! ;)


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