Friday, November 4, 2011

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Holly's Color List:
1. The golden crisp of fresh-baked cookies
2. ...& the creamy milk alongside them
3. The sweet blossoms in Spring
4. ...& the warm leaves in Autumn
5. The glow of the clouds at sunrise
6. ...& their vivid reflection at sunset
7. The ever-changing irises of my gentleman's eyes
8. ...& the rosy flush of my cheeks when I'm near him

Thanks for sharing your list Holly! I especially love #1 and #2!  
Have a very happy weekend...and OH boy do I have a great giveaway that starts this weekend!!!! I'm giddy just thinkin' about it! hint: it's one of my favorite things and it fits in your purse!
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  1. I love Holly's list! And oh my your giveaways. Am dying for this next one. Have a wonderful weekend. Have I mentioned that I LOVE your blog? xo

  2. I'm loving this blog! Liked it on Twitter! :)

  3. Aww my list made it onto The Color Issue! I might actually have added pumpkin pie and other holiday color inspirations as we are getting into the season!

  4. I love these little's such a great way to remember the little wonderful things in life, right? Glad you dropped by so I could find you!!!


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