Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spotlight: Sycamore Street Press

I have known Eva (one of the owners of Sycamore Street Press) since I was just a little one. My older sister was best friends with her younger sister all growing up. Eva is SO creative and SO inspiring. When she started her business I was ecstatic considering I have a slight obsession with I asked her to share a little blurb about where she gets her inspiration from...

"A little over two years ago, Kirk and I moved to a beautiful mountain valley in Utah. All of a sudden, nature was no longer something we "got away" to. It was no longer a pretty idea. It was our reality. For the first time in a very long time, nature directly inspired my work. I don't see other houses or buildings when I look out my window. I see trees, deer, birds, wildflowers, the sky, and the mountains. 
One of my favorite times of year is the fall. Reds, golden yellows, toasty browns, and fiery orange. That deep orange color has made its way into Sycamore Street Press's color palette. It's both earthy and bright -- a lovely combination. With letterpress, we print each color separately, so it only makes sense to use one or two on each item. This limitation can become a strength if we choose colors that make a real statement. I think this orange does the trick."

--thanks Eva! so, so much! 
Aren't these images so fantastic?! I love the "fallish"!

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  1. oooOh I love those prints! So pretty. Also--I found that glitter! I'm wanting to incorporate glitter into my watercolor paintings and that Martha Stewart glitter is perfect! So glad you discovered it.

  2. Woah! Such a great feature.


  3. sycamore street press did my wedding invitations! they were my favorite part of my wedding! love them.


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