Monday, October 31, 2011


So when I was about 18 months old I loved chips and dip. Dipping them in everything I could possibly get my little hands on; it became a regular occurrence. We lived in Arizona, and we would get these beautiful peacocks randomly coming into our backyard and stare at their reflection in our sliding glass door (did you know peacocks love to look at their reflection...?) So one day, I decided to take my bag of chips...venture outside and dip my chips in the nice piles of poop that these birds would leave behind. Are you gagging yet? Yep, when my mom came out to find me doing that I think she about had a heart attack! Oh could you imagine?Thankfully I can't remember this incident (i just believe what I've been told)...& don't worry I haven't tried that delicacy since. :-)

So there you have it...I like to think that that is when my love for peacocks began...haha. 

Now to the real eye candy of the post...there is something so beautiful about peacock feathers. The vibrance, the blues mixed with the greens. Oh its such a great pallet of colors! 
So here are a few great finds that I really just love! 

random fact: Peacocks are actually peafowls--Males are called peacocks and females are called peahens. Baby peafowls are called peachicks. who knew?!
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  1. Awww, what a cute story! I loved chips and dips too...still do!

  2. So! love that scarf. When I went to school in England we had them wander all over the place. They can be a bit agressive. :-)

  3. peacock feathers are stunning! And oh God. That story. EW!

  4. OMG Aarean! That is hysterical, thanks for sharing the joy. Loving that chair. xo

  5. Oh wow!! what a story.... yikes! Hey we all like chips and dip, but you just had to try something different. :)

  6. Gorgeous post!
    That chair is amazing!


  7. peacocks were my sorority's needless to say, we love peacocks!! cool finds :)


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