Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spotlight: Mary Jolley and my trip to the Farmer's Market

We ventured off to the local Farmer's Market this last weekend where every food & flower stand bursted with color! Its one of my favorite things to do on the weekends...and the great thing is that they're everywhere! So I asked my sweet friend Mary Jolley (author of: My Green Diet) to share how color has inspired her, since she is a farmer's market guru!

"I love to go to the farmer's market and see different heirloom varieties of vegetables. I get inspiration from seeing piles of different colored squashes and tomatoes. 

I tell people to Eat the RAINBOW... different colors mean a different vitamin and mineral profile. Green for chlorophyll (a fantastic color to eat lots of). Orange for Vitamin A and C. Blue and red for antioxidants. (This is obviously a drastic simplification, but helpful when trying to get all your vitamins).

Bright colors signify ripeness, freshness, and garden goodness. Colors make food sing; take your meal from a single note to a beautiful melody by incorporating fresh colorful fruits and vegetables. 
Eat your colors to increase your health, gladden your heart, and enliven your soul."

I love that last sentence...eating colors obviously is the key! Thanks so much Mary! (hey that totally rhymed ha)

check our her site HERE--and some of her favorite recipes: Thai Salad, Spiced Peaches, and Walnut Pesto

I thought I'd share some photos of our little outing...oh isn't food just glorious! :-)

This was honestly one of the largest dogs I had ever seen! Like a small horse I tell ya!

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  1. Going to the Farmers Market is my favorite part of the week. All of this looks so great and fresh!


  2. Are those yellow raspberries? I've never even heard of such a thing! You Famers market day looks lovely.

    - Sarah

  3. Beautiful photooosss!!

    I'm so excited to see the asparagus - we've been in the mood for asparagus anything lately - can't get enough of it!

  4. Fresh figs dipped in dark chocolate! Sign me up! We'll have to wait quite a few months before farmer's markets and asparagus again but the pictures you share will remind me that they'll come again :-)

  5. oh Starlet, if you love asparagus you should try this way easy recipe...its so yummy!

    or if you like prosciutto try this one:

  6. I love these.... it's true: if you eat all the colorful fresh foods you'll stay ten times healthier! I wish I was there that looks like fun- Utah doesn't know what's up with the fresh markets it's unfortunate.

    Miss Sagey's nose- my favorite picture of course.

  7. lovely scenes,
    where is this market?

  8. Gorgeous pictures! I'd love to go to something like this :)

    I have a giveaway going on at my blog right now if you'd like to come by!

  9. oh my gosh I just want to hug that dog :) I love farmers markets!

  10. So jealous you live in a place where the farmer's markets are still open! And those flowers! Ours closed up shop for the fall/winter :(

  11. You know I LOVE this post :) What market did u go to?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Downtown should totally go when you're back around here Tianna--you would love it!

  14. I am back around here!! I live in Mission Valley :)

  15. What is that delicious looking sandwich and hot fudge sundae looking photograph? Colorful, but even more delish looking! Looks like it was a beautiful way to spend the day.

  16. Beautiful photos! Makes me want to make a trip to the farmers market this weekend. I love all the color!


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