Friday, October 21, 2011

photo(s) found HERE

1. the color of my baby girls eyes
2. cliche as it sounds there is nothing more beautiful then a sea of color up in the sky
3. This fantastic orange Madrugada Clutch for you ipad!
4. RGB art (THIS is fascinating!)
5. mustard yellow jackets
6. untainted pinkness on the bottom of babies feet
7. tan lines after a day in the sun
8. the rich color of dark chocolate
9. underwater--THIS video
10. Rosy cheeks 
11. THIS nail polish. wowza.

Q: What are things that make your eyes sing?

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated!!!!
Lily,email me: and send me your address!!

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  1. Wow that nail polish is awesome!!!! I'm all about the glitter nails right now. I get mine done on Tuesday woohoo. My baby's eye color makes my eyes sing too.

    - Sarah

  2. OOOOH my gosh I won!!!! Oh I can't believe it...I never win these things! I am so excited! I am going to email you right now! Thank you so much Araen...!!!!

  3. **Aarean.
    Sorry I spelt your name wrong...I was getting a little ahead of myself.

    p.s. Things that make my eyes sing (love that saying btw...very creative!)
    1. Clear sky
    2. My favorite red pumps!
    3. geometric designed fabric
    4. wild flowers
    5. pink lemonade

  4. Wowza is right on the nail polish! My toes are tingling with the thought of finding that color! Let's see- things that make my eyes sing:
    1- Fall leaves
    2- A sassy red dress
    3- Clouds that tell stories

  5. Loving your list and will take you on a little tour of my home through colour:

    * Cool, clear blues and golden hues of our beach
    * Rainbow brights of the Lorikeets that visit our verandah
    * Dancing lavendar blooms of the Jacaranda trees in our driveway
    * Clear blue skies on a spring morning
    * Vibrant green of the pesto made from basil in our garden
    * Darting colours of surprise from butterfly friends
    * Crisp white sheets at the end of a day

  6. ah colours are amazing, I'm so thankful that we can see colour with our eyes :)
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  7. Cool art!
    Going to have to get some of that polish for my daughters Christmas stocking, she will love it. You baby girl is precious.

  8. Aarean,

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Once you guys get your tickets you are welcome to e-mail me for tips and suggestions. We also went to Paris last year and Costa Rica and you can see those trips under the trip label. We travel a lot. Anyway, thanks again.

  9. Sunsets definitely make my eyes sing, I'm right there with ya. And also, pie in the oven. Whether it's a deep burnt orange color from my pumpkin pies or a rich brown crust with juices bubbling through the slits... mmm! So good for so many reasons.

    Love the blog, btw. :)

  10. Mmm I love that mustard yellow coat. If I still lived in UT that would definitely be in my closet!

  11. Whoa - that aquarium video was pretty awesome. And I love that coat that you posted!

    Things that make my eyes sing:
    - my boyfriend and everything about him, basically
    - cute animals - especially puppies/doggies
    - delicious food
    - video games
    - good reads
    - bags - purses, clutches, backpacks, etc. - that stand out


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