Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blowin' My Mind...

I just recently went to Glass Ranch for a special private glass blowing tour! 
It was phenomenal! 

I never realize just how much goes into each custom piece of glass that is hand blown.
It is such an art...and the colors are out of this world!! 

I know it's sort of picture overkill-but compared to what I narrowed it down to this is nothin'!
The process is so interesting...I would totally recommend going to see a glass blowing show if there is one around you!

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above: putting the "color" onto the soon to be vase. This yellow powder is glass that melts onto the large piece to create the color he wants. The reason it looks orange is b/c its so very hot, but once it cools it will be this bright lemon yellow. He would then stick it in the furnace. He did this about five times to layer the color, which is why the end products are so vibrant!
At the end, this was the neatest part, he spun it really fast and suddenly it started flaring at the top!
It was honestly the neatest thing to watch...
This is what we saw before he cut it off and put it into the cooler, which it has to stay in over night.
Here is some of the neat things I snapped photos of around their little work space!
above is a glass sun catcher and to the right is its reflection...don't you just love this?!?!
Below is a surf board covered in opaque blown glass...not sure your feet would like this?!
lots of blown glass tiles implanted in their brick pathway

watch a great video of Garry at work HERE

Thanks so much Gary and Cherrie, it was so much fun and so COLORFUL! I absolutely loved it!

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  1. I have never been a big fan of the colored and blown glass- until I saw these pictures. Stunning.

  2. love this stuff.... wish i could have been there!

  3. Beautiful!!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog... so nice to pop over here and see such gorgeous work.

  4. wow, what an amazing process to watch, and the colors, stunning!

    great blog,
    check out our giveaway:

  5. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog (: Yours is so lovely, I'm following!


  6. I took a glass blowing class about 6 months ago. Brian gave it to me for my birthday. It was SO AWESOME! I would do it again in a heart beat if it weren't so expensive!

  7. Angela...I didn't get to actually do it...just watched. But it was free...Guess you'll have to fly down here and go to this one with me :-)

  8. great colour post .....thanks for saying Hi on my blog.......and so I got to see lots of yummy stuff......x

  9. Eye popping goodness.

    I love the glass globes in the 9th photo - particularly the first pale blue one. Also the vase in the last photos is spectacular.

    We used to have a local glass factory but I'm not sure if it's still operating, will have to investigate.

    Happy day!

  10. Hi Aarean,

    My husband and I went to the famous glass blowing Island of Murano near Venice a few years ago. I was mesmerised and could have stayed all day. They are so talented and every piece is a work of art.


  11. Stunning! What a fun experience. Such amazing talent...

  12. Oh my gosh! That is too cool! :D These photos are awesome :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  13. Did someone say color? Oh my what a wonder.

  14. My husband and I met blowing glass. It's such a fun, surreal experience and the things you can do with color are incredible!

  15. I've actually done this before and I did a blog post on the experience. It's definitely something you should do at some point in your life! Check out my post about the class I took:

  16. I love pretty glass. These are some seriously pretty glass.

  17. so pretty! What an awesome opportunity! :)

  18. Neat to see how it is made! Love those little color pieces ... I could see myself having a whole bowl of them in my living room xo

  19. love it! I'd like to be there watching the process. Wonderful colors.


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