Monday, October 24, 2011


No better way to add color to a wall then by drawing on it!

I painted a wall in my office with chalkboard paint. It was the greatest decision I've made in a long time. Mainly because my wall is NEVER the same. I can change it up with any colors, drawings, designs that I want. Plus when my baby girl gets older she can have fun with it too!

This last weekend, I drew up a fun fall wall. One thing is for sure...I'm definitely no Picasso! ha

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                                                                                                                           take a peek HERE

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  1. haha this is so great. I recently saw a kitchen where the backsplash was chalk board and they drew on it like Starbuck draws on theirs. Super fun.

    - Sarah

  2. I love the idea of having a huge chalkboard calendar!

  3. What a great idea specially for kids. I might have to give this a try.


  4. I L.O.V.E this concept and would love one somewhere in the house.
    Happy day!

  5. Ok, you're stinkin' amazing!! Love your blog - and photography skills. Wowzers. :)

  6. Hi Aarean,
    This post has me planning just the right spot for a chalk board in our new house. My girls will love it.

    I think you are a fine artist. Much better that I am.

    Kel x

  7. Oh how I miss's like my whole childhood in a box haha :) lovely post!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  8. OMG - I am so tempted to do that calendar chalkboard when I get a room of my own or an office!

  9. love this idea!! i can't wait to not be renting so i can do this to a wall in my own home! :) happy sunday!


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