Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Dreamland

So I made this promise with Restoration Hardware, that if I publicly confess my love for it then they'll come in and design my whole house for free!!! Yep, thats me, in dreamland! 
A lady can dream can't she?
I will say though, that R.H. is my ultimate furniture retreat.
I received the baby catalog...(feast your eyes HERE) full of SO many beautiful things.
So much eye candy and pure inspiration...yes, ideas galore! Here are some of my absolute favorites:
***Now I know this is a very neutral color pallet but it is so very soothing isn't it?!***
 The next two pictures have a grey square next to an item...the first is a crown art piece that you can personalize, how cute is that?! I always think to myself "oh I could totally do that myself"! Then again, sometimes it would be better to just buy it...wouldn't you agree?
And the second grey box is next to vintage prop plane art pieces...if I ever have a little boy...this will definitely be apart of his cozy room (plus I love the vintage look!)
I like to rip out pages in catalogs that I love. I keep them in a nice "things for my future home" binder.

So I tore this page out (image below) which shows 15 different color variations on thread. I stuck the ripped page on my fridge and took a picture to share with you... :-)
I made a small pallet so you could see the "general" color of each swatch. I love these colors together!

Top from left to rightwhite, dove, bisque, toast, khaki, petal, dusty pink, lavender
      Bottom from left to right: grey, chocolate, cloud, marine, navy, silver sage, eucalyptus 

Find all Restoration Hardware paint HERE.
confession: I would paint every wall in my house every shade they have. I love it that much...but I'm not that crazy! :-)
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  1. I'm such a fan of that kids silhouette art. I found a neat DIY on how to do it that I'm dying to try.

    - Sarah

  2. Hey thanks for dropping by!! I love to see new people on my blog and I absolutely love yours. I have to laugh because for years I tore out pages out of magazines... still do. If only I had a wall big enough to put that amount of pictures like the one you posted. The couch is ........ interesting but I wouldn't hesitate to lie down on it for a nap.

  3. how gorgeous are those chandeliers in the first pic?!

  4. Ok if you can dream please include me as a random blog follower also in love with Restoration Hardware - and they decorate my house too. Ok it's your dream so maybe I only get a room decorated. But I share your love of Restoration Hardware.

  5. Love this pictures! The first one is awesome and I love the silhouettes on the wall. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Oooh I saw that couch in the Restoration Hardware catalogue and I fell in love! Thanks for the comment on my blog!


  7. I absolutely love your post! Beautiful images...really bring to life all of the restoration hardware pieces. After seeing their room creations, I would sign up for that same dreamland with you, fingers crossed that it could be a reality some day! xoxo

  8. I went to that store and loved almost EVERYTHING! Their furniture is amazing.

  9. Yes, so soothing. I love the silhouette wall. I'm collecting some to do something similar, although mine won't be so uniform and size-matching. That's so great!

  10. Love the colors. Those images/spaces are fabulous. I am loving the nursery. And that silhouette wall is brilliant.

  11. oooh lala! Love all those pictures. and what a fabulous idea to rip out the pages and keep them somewhere to go back to for ideas! THANKS!!!

  12. I'm lovin that wall of silhouettes! Such an under valued art concept.

  13. we're addicted to our R.H. catalogs too...just wish my pockets were deep enough to buy it all!

  14. There is not a single thing I do not LOVEEEEE about these pictures! Just found your blog today, a colour blog! I love it!


  15. I loooooveee that couch in the first picture! The tufting is gorgeous :)

  16. I'll never EVER get enough of silhouettes. sigh. Love all the Restoration Hardware goodness...I only wish I could afford more of it ;) hope you had a great weekend! xoxo {av}

  17. I'm in love with the wall with all the silhouette photos! Gorgeous.

  18. Adore this post! Restoration hardware and ballard designs will one day make up the entire contents of my house too. My mom worked at Restoration Hardware for a holiday season - just for the discount - if only she had stayed :) ...

  19. It's fun to be in dreamland every once and a while. Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  20. I too was drooling over thier newest catalog... wanted EVERYTHING I set my eyes on.

    When you get a chance, be sure to stop back by and enter yourself in to win my giveaway - all handmade items by me I think you'll love :D

    Have a great week!

  21. Thank you for introducing me RH. Can they came to my house too? Pleaseeee :)
    Love all the pictures.
    Thanks for your comment at Da me
    Have a nice week*


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