Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve and a nibble box

Hi there friends...Merry Christmas Eve! Sorry I've been so MIA. I am not quite sure why, besides the fact that this month has literally FLOWN by. It's simply that other things have taken precedence I suppose?! Tell me I am not the only one who has felt that way?

I honestly LOVE the holidays and the Christmas spirit of things. I love being with family...and for the first time this year all four of my sisters will be home along with their husbands, dogs, and kids. Oh it's gonna be a full house and I can't wait!

Okay, so if any of you need a last minute gift I have the perfect one for you! It's something different and it's like a gift that keeps on giving each month! It's a "snacks by mail" concept by a company called Graze.

I am sure that anyone would appreciate a monthly shipment of snacks sent straight to their doorstep?! My kids LOVED everything in this box, and it was all extremely nutritious and so good! As a matter of fact, my four year old downed the whole serving of pistachio nuts...go figure?! Plus, I just have to add...the packaging is pretty fan-freakin-tastic. the end.

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