Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Color List...and bringing awareness

Happy Happy Friday to you! I have loved this week for a lot of reasons but mostly because it hasn't been super hot nor has it been super cold; it's been pretty perfect. I know for many of you on the East coast you want to punch me through the computer right now... :-/ and to you I say my door is always open for a visit to the sunshine!!!

Here are a few of my favorite finds this week. However, first and foremost I wanted to just say a little something about my #1 which came from a beautiful women named Heather who suffers from mesothelioma. She is trying to bring awareness to this horrible cancer that she is trying so hard to fight. She's an inspiration and a true fighter who will overcome this! Please spread the awareness...

1. Meet Heather
2. Beautiful music (Elizabeth is a friend of mine and an amazingly talented flutist...her CD is just beautiful!)
3. need some BBQ ideas?
4. green smoothie heaven
5. a house on wheels (some day I want to do this with Josh...did ya hear that hubby?!)
6. colorful jellyfish for my littles, yes please
7. face paintings gone wild
8. when should you go to sleep?
9. cities are so colorful
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